Book a stall

Do you want to sell drinks or food at our festival, promote your services or sell your crafts or products? Read the FAQ and fill in the form to book your stall.

Food / Drinks stall: MWK 100,000 for 2 days allows access for 4 people

Other stalls: MWK 50,000 for 2 days allows access for 2 people

What if you want to come and sell your products, but you cannot afford 100/50k? Talk to us!! We might be able to make a deal! So don’t be shy and if you think 100/50k is too much, we can discuss.

This includes 1 table and 1 chair. Extra chairs costs 1,000 per chair for the weekend. We can only offer electricity to food/drink stalls (MWK 100,000), please contact us in advance!


Please let us know what your business is. You can tick more than 1 box.
What do you sell, or show?
If you are on Instagram or Facebook, please include your details
Please bring your own cover against sun and rain, and extra chairs if needed
We have limited spaces for stalls with electricity. Therefore electricity is only available for food & drinks stalls.
All cars MUST leave the festival site before 9:30AM and park outside. Exceptions only with explicit permission of festival management. The festival is not responsible for damage or theft of cars.
We are open to ideas that you pay us 'in-kind'. That you offer us your food or products instead of cash. We are willing to discuss discounts if you have something that makes us and/or our volunteer team happy. Please describe above in the box what you can give to us.
Here you can write down your questions and (special) requests.
You can find the FAQ through clicking on the link above & below this form

Please read the ZCF24 Stall holders FAQ if you have any questions